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The Apocalypse of Baruch

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Second Baruch, a.k.a. the Apocalypse of Baruch, is a long-forgotten scroll written by the prophet Baruch c. 586 BC, immediately following the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians. Whereas First Baruch was at one time included in the Bible, Second Baruch was almost lost to the ravages of time. Thankfully, one manuscript remained intact throughout the centuries, preserved by the Syriac Orthodox Church. It was rediscovered in 1866.

Scholars were quick to pass judgment on the text, labeling it as pseudepigraphal and teaching everyone that it was written much later in history than it claims. But are the scholars to be trusted? If their assessment is wrong, and 2 Baruch is actually an inspired scripture from a little-known Hebrew prophet, then we ought to carefully read and consider it in light of the other scriptures. Watchman Alexander Lawrence, author of Leviathan's Ruse, wants to take you step-by-step through a study of this very valuable but sadly misunderstood scroll.

In this enthralling 12-lesson teaching series on the Book of 2 Baruch (a.k.a the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch), you'll discover how the forgotten writings of Jeremiah's disciple tie in perfectly to the canonized scriptures.

This course is taught from a (mostly) Historic Premillennialist standpoint. The instructor is independent and not affiliated with any denomination.

Objection: "I could learn this book on my own."

It's true, you could. However, you may not extract nearly as much from it on your own. Elohiym (God) has assigned certain roles and abilities to the members of his Kingdom in order for us to minister to our fellows. Teaching is one of those roles (1 Cor. 12:28-29). An anointed teacher will see things in Scripture that others won't, and will make connections between scriptures that lead to "ah-ha!" moments for students.

Alexander Lawrence has dedicated many hundreds of hours to the study of Hebrew prophecies (both canonized and apocryphal), and has taught and preached the Word of God for over fifteen years. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit and the benefits of much study, he is able to provide a wealth of unique insights.

In addition to the subjects that are directly addressed in the text of 2 Baruch, Alexander tackles associated subjects such as:

  • The fate of the Ark of the Covenant
  • The relationship between Sheol, Paradise, and the 3rd heaven
  • The distinctions between types of unclean spirits
  • The purpose of Levitical rituals and the future role of the Temple
  • The reason that the False Messiah is associated with cedar trees
  • And more


This course consists of 12 lectures, each with an accompanying guidebook. The lectures are approximately a half-hour in length.

Course content is divided into eight sections, as follows:

  1. The Destiny of Jerusalem
  2. Lamentation and Correction
  3. Eschatology Round 1
  4. Baruch Addressess his Kinsmen
  5. Eschatology Round 2
  6. Another Address
  7. Eschatology Round 3
  8. Letters to the Exiles

Bonuses Included:

  • A printable participant's guide
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group called “Investigators of the Forgotten Scrolls”
  • 40% off The Prophecy Cheat Sheet* upon release <<OR>> 20% off The Prophecy Cheat Sheet and 25% off Leviathan's Ruse, Vol. 1 when delivered together as a set

*The Prophecy Cheat Sheet is a reference book currently being composed by Alexander Lawrence. It lists all end-time prophecies from the scriptures, arranged topically, and includes explanatory indices.

Sample page from the participant's guide:

Payment Plan:

I know that some people are on a tight budget and find it difficult to justify spending $55 at once (I'm one of them), so I'm offering the option to spread out payments over three months. That brings the cost down to just over $19/mo, which is very doable! Almost everyone can find $20 in their budget if they make the effort. For instance, once a month, instead of eating out, you could have a salad or fast for meal. Sometimes exchanging physical food for spiritual food can be beneficial.

UPDATE: The entire course is now available for free!

Your Instructor

Alexander Lawrence
Alexander Lawrence

Alexander is a Christian who is passionate about teaching the Word of God from a Hebraic perspective and in historical context. By doing so, he equip Adonai's flock with the life-changing knowledge they need in order to fight the Kingdom of Satan effectively in the Last Days. His wheelhouse is eschatology (the study of end things), angelology, demonology, the history of mystery religions, the refutation of occult philosophies, and the study of biblical holy days as they relate to prophecy.

Alexander is the author of a regularly-updated blog and a non-fiction book, Leviathan's Ruse: The Comprehensive Guide to the Battle Between Good and Evil. He also hosts a weekly podcast called Searching the Scriptures with Watchman Alexander.

Since publishing his first book, Alexander has had the pleasure of speaking on a nationally-syndicated radio show, The Josh Tolley Show, and several other widely-renowned shows such as Caravan to Midnight, Revolutionary Radio, and A Minute to Midnite.

A native Texan who bleeds maroon, Alexander graduated from Texas A&M University at College Station in 2004.

Course Curriculum

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  The Destiny of Jerusalem
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  Eschatology Round 1
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  Baruch Instructs his Kinsmen
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  Eschatology Round 2
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  Another Address
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  A Letter to the Exiles
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first three lessons and you will be fully refunded.


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